Affidavit of Truth And Standing


Comes now Jessene Roe Beecroft, an American National , with no affiliation with the American Bar Association . With being of informed mind sound and body ,do this 334th Day in the Year of Yahweh 6019 translated (26th Day of February 2018) write an updated Report and Formal Complaint of Multiple Violations ,of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights . They violate all 30 Articles . September eighteenth 2013 : Affiant was kidnapped (arrested )by Gary Maulden (respondent # 2 )a San Juan County Sheriff . He put his hand on his gun and said “come on I’m not gonna stand here and argue with your Mom all Day ”

  1. .on September 12th affiant’s sister (Candy Beecroft )was dropped off  with Affiant at her home  by the NM state police, they had just saved Candy’s life from Candy’s boyfriend Kirt Garris which was on probation for burning Candy’s belongings.   …

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