Affidavit : My Person Has Been Human Trafficked

Comes now Jessene Roe Beecroft, (hereinafter, Affiant )an American National, with no affiliation with the American Bar Association.  lawful age and competent to testify ,and having first hand knowledge of the following facts ,do hereby declare that facts stated herein are true correct and not misleading .  Do this 334th Day in the Year of Yahweh 6019 translated (26th Day of February 2018) write an updated Report and Formal Complaint of Multiple Violations, of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  September eighteenth, 2013: Affiant was kidnapped (arrested )by Gary Mauldin (respondent # 2 )a San Juan County Sheriff. He put his hand on his gun and said “come on I’m not gonna stand here and argue with your Mom all Day.”

1. The Affiant states that the affiant’s person has been trafficked under the 12a protocol to prevent and punish trafficking in persons, especially women and children, supplementing the united nation convention against transnational organized crime affiant further saith naught.                                                                                                                    A-   September 11  2013 affiant’s sister (Candy Beecroft )was dropped off at affiant’s home by the New Mexico  state police, they had just saved Candy’s life from Candy’s boyfriend Kirk Garris which was on probation for burning Candy’s belongings. Kirk had also put Candy in the hospital multiple times . Candy had Candy’s neck broken by Kirk and more , the hospital gave Candy papers that said diagnose adult abuse .                                                                                                                                                                                           B. September 12th affiant was  in affiant’s yard and heard Candy screaming, affiant could hear Kirk screaming back at Candy. Affiant called 911. Kirk left’ affiant called 911 back said “Kirk left so we don’t need anyone “affiant knew that they can’t do anything unless they see it. Affiant was saving some taxpayers money and the sheriff’s time.                                                                                                                                                                  C . 20 minutes later Dan Ashburn San Juan County Sheriff (respondent number#1) walked  to affiant’s sister  Candy started talking to (respondent #1 )Candy showed respondent # 1 the various bruises (respondent #1 )ask to talk to Candy  alone and walked Candy down  the hill in front of affiant’s  place .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           D.   (Respondent #1) then Ask affiant for five minutes of affiant’s time. respondent #1 Led affiant down in front of affiant’s trailer.Respondent #1 said, “I don’t know if this is true or not but your sister said you guys were smoking marijuana in your trailer earlier.”  Demanded Affiant give respondent# 1 the leftovers and a pipe, or affiant was going to jail respondent #1 repeated.                                                                                                    E. Upon entering affiant’s home respondent #1  was looking around said”no dead bodies or pounds of bud ?” Affiant said, “I told you I’m in the middle of a federal employment whistleblower retaliation case, I’ve worked my whole life never been on food stamps and lived on road kill last year .” Respondent # 1 replied, “that’s against the law too !”                                                                                                                                                     F .  September 18th 2013  respondent # 2 Gary Mauldin showed up at affiant’s home .Respondent # 2 said respondent # 2 has a warrant for affiant’s arrest ,although the warrant  was never presented . Affiant walked to affiant’s mom’s place affiant said “mom remember the other day when that cop came and took that dry hemp ?,this one says he has a warrant for me but I haven’t seen one .” Affiant’s mom said “ya where s the warrant ?”    Respondent #2  replied “come on I’m not gona stand here and argue with your mom all day !”Affiant spent the next few days in jail . A 2000.00 bond was set but affiant could not pay .                                                                                                                           G. Affiant had a public pretender Ruth Baldwin ,upon first visit  ,Baldwin said  “it’s a frivolous case ,your right its a violation of the 4th amendment ,you wouldn’t see this in South Carolina ,we will fight it and take it to the supreme court .” Affiant said “even the law in the state of New Mexico states that an ounce of good bud brings a $50 fine and no jail time .”Baldwin said ‘but here in San Juan County they do what ever they want .” Affiant said “I know and they are guilty of Involuntary Servitude  .                                                                                                                               H . December 3 2013 at Trudy Reed Chase’s court Baldwin took affiant to a little room to talk . Baldwin said “the cops are now prosecuting their own cases and if you do 365 days of drug court  Ashburn will lower your charges .” Affiant in shock said “what ? you told me we would take it to the supreme court ,it was a frivolous case a violation of the 4th amendment  . .”    Baldwin said “well I haven’t seen the cd yet from respondent # 1 ‘s body cam and it’s your word against his .” Affiant was pissed Baldwin got up headed to the court room said “I’m going in there and tell them …………” Affiant could not hear Baldwin , but affiant said “oh no you’re not !!! You are not representing me !”  Affiant followed Baldwin .                                                                                                                        I .  The impersonator Magistrate screamed at Affiant “you had drugs !” Affiant said “drugs? what drugs ? ”  Trudy Reed Chase screamed seeds you had marijuana seeds and respondent # 1  has authority   over what you put into your body ,I gave him that authority!”  Affiant  said “Those were dry Male Balls !” Baldwin told the Magistrate something about coming back in 10 days . affiant said “oh no I wont !you do not represent me ! ”  Affiant was leaving the building Baldwin following affiant between two court rooms with cops all around . Baldwin yelled at affiant ” something …..   do you understand me ?” Affiant yelled back “No I DO NOT STAND UNDER YOU !! AND OVER MY DEAD BODY WILL I DO ANYTHING YOU OR THEY SAY > THEY KILLED MY FRIEND Randy Sills in this jail and OVER  MY  DEAD BODY WILL I DO ANYTHING THEY SAY  ! ” Baldwin said ” oh I didn’t know that .”   Affiant ” Well I do !” Affiant left .                J .Two days later Baldwin called affiant said ” if you just find a drug class online do it ,print it out and mail it to them they will dismiss the case . ”                                                          K. Affiant did a drug class for the San Juan County Sheriffs ( not like they expected)   because they needed educated . Affiant cut and pasted from sites proving that marijuana helps all kinds of ailments ,how it is classified wrong as a class 1 narcotic and all affiant stated hoe it saved affiant’s sister’s life from asthma , how it kept affiant from killing herself when PMSing and how it saved affiant’s  friend from killing herself and her husband while she was PMSing. How it helped affiant’s mom with pain , helped affiant’s grandmother sleep and more . Affiant included a letter affiant had previously wrote to the Marines starting out ( Help what if someone was killing your Mom ? Mother earth sprouts Marijuana like she sprouts Apple trees to feed and nurture her children Us . )  Affiant included a dedication to her friend Randy Lee Sills ,that was murdered by cops in the San Juan County detention center . And his dad Harley Sills .                                                                                                                                                   L. The very next morning  affiant was kidnapped by S. Kiley and B. Johnston  on   December 18, 2013:

December 18, 2013:                                                                                                                               2:    Affiant was walking down affiant’s private dirt road 50 miles from Farmington NM.Affiant was approached by S. Kylie and B Johnston 2 San Juan Sheriff’s (respondents #3). They said, “do you want to come with us ?” Affiant said “No what for, am I under arrest ?” respondents #3 did not answer affiant. Respondents #3 threw Affiant in the backseat of a cop car, another car approached respondents #3 took affiant out of that cop car and cuffed affiant to the seat in the second cop car. Affiant was scared for affiant’s life. Traveling est 11 miles affiant saw some people affiant knew, they were leaving the local restaurant club Sportsman. Affiant was scared to death (in 2004 her friend Randy Lee Sills was killed by cops in the San Juan  County jail .)So affiant tried to get the people’s attention by kicking the lights off the top of the car. All affiant accomplished was breaking the plastic cover off the inside light.                                                                                                                                                                                          A.  Est 5 miles later the cop car stops S. Kiley opened the door he said: “ we’re gonna help you put your feet together, we’re gonna help you get out to put your feet together ”. Respondents #3 tied affiant’s feet together with a black nylon strap slammed the door on it. Arrived at the San Juan County Detention Center in Farmington New Mexico.                                                                                                                                                               B.  While carrying affiant in respondents #3 reached in affiant ‘s pockets, took out a bolt that had old resin on the inside respondents # 3 took it booked affiant for: resisting or abusing respondents #3 and criminal damage to respondent’s  property.               C. Affiant spent the first 30 days in solitary confinement. Strip searched No phone call was allowed, had to use the toilet where men guards could see.                                       D. Affiant was not told anything except that affiant  was suicidal. Affiant has never been suicidal in affiant’s life.                                                                                                                     E. After 30 days in a stinky filthy moist brick 12 by 4, cell affiant was transferred to medical where affiant tried to call affiant’s mom (Darlene Malchoff ). Affiant was cuffed made walk in front of all prisoners ( in a turtle suit affiant had to wear )threw the whole jail to a room reserved for cops.                                                                                      F. S. Kiley arrested affiant for breaking a restraining order. Affiant said “I was the one that was attacked. ” Affiant still to this day has never seen the restraining order. It was supposedly put on affiant ,by affiant’s drunk mother and brother. If at all.  Affiant received the gift of the Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues ( it scared affiant’s drunk   brother (Zenith Beecroft.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                      G.  During this time affiant was attacked by medical workers and a male guard that could be picked out of a lineup, but affiant does not remember the male guard’s  name.They all attacked affiant trying to shoot affiant up with some kind of drug. Affiant did not want to be stabbed with that needle the medical workers  were coming at affiant with. The one male guard grabbed affiant by the back of affiant’s neck the male  guard smashed affiant’s face down on a cement bench, affiant cried and screamed “”God Jesus !!!“” the guard said “”there is no such thing !!!”affiant felt affiant’s  neck snap as affiant screamed”  “Oh Yes There Is !”Affiant was strapped down in a torture chair, had a black bag over affiant’s head, affiant thought the medical workers and guard  were going to chop affiant’s head off because affiant believed in God.                                                                                                                                            H .   A nurse kept walking by, the nurse would touch affiant on the foot and say “she’s still breathing .” Affiant was drugged affiant woke up in a 4 by 4 filthy cell with a drain to pee in, two huge black eyes and was arrested again accused of aggravated assault on medical workers and a peace officer Affiant spent the next 3-months in jail. Affiant lost affiant’s home ,job,car,clothes,pictures,tools, self esteem ,everything  as a result of these nefarious  war crimes against affiant and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights .

3 . On or about March 2014 affiant had to go to court Affiant went in with a few other people. Chuck Greenfield( head of Pretrial Services and Probation )came in said ‘this is a closed court .” Affiant had just learned the difference in the two District Courts so affiant was scared to be there. Affiant had a job interview affiant had been sitting waiting for about an hour affiant left to make the job interview. After the interview affiant was traveling back towards town when Gary Mauldin (San Juan County Sheriff ) Respondent #2 turned around and followed affiant to pump canyon road affiant seen the lights and heard the siren pulled over Respondent #2 said respondent # 2 had a warrant for affiant’s arrest respondent #2 told affiant to get out of the car . Affiant did, respondent 2 arrested (kidnapped )cuffed and searched affiant. Affiant was put in the back seat of a Sheriff truck . Affiant saw  respondent # 2 reach in affiant’s car take out two bags and search them on the trunk of affiant’s car. Affiant was in jail for months . The cops kept affiant’s car . Affiant was again pretend represented by RUTH BALDWIN a public pretender. Case #s 30-22-01(A)30-31-25.1,30-31-23(B)(1),30-15-01(B)                                                                                                                             

4.On February 21, 2016, Affiant was pulled over given a ticket by Jeremy Yazzi a San Juan County Sheriff (British agent Respondent #4) Affiant filed a Motion to Dismiss and an Affidavit with the county recorder and the magistrate court in Aztec New Mexico. Affiant mailed respondent # 4 copies.  Affidavit Claiming Nationality and Knowledge of The Law. and Motion to Dismiss.                                                                                                                                                         A.On or about April 21, 2016, Affiant went to court Affiant’s video Exposing Treason San Juan County Eleventh JUDICIAL DISTRICT MAGISTRATE, TRUDY REED CHASE. and on U tube.                                                                    B.  Just after the court experience, Affiant went to Kenneth Gomez ‘s (desur governor of New Mexico ) home evidence 😦 After visiting about the criminal oligarchy within San Juan County ,Kenneth gave affiant documents said “file this with whatever you file ” they were the work of affiant’s friend Winfred P Adams USAF major retired . Affiant filed them with the county recorder and the Magistrate Court, I Stand on The Record Proper 201604373 04/15/2016 03:34 PM 1 of 10 B1600 P685 R$ 10.00 San Juan County NM DEBBIE HOLMES Exhibit # 9 Case # M-147-TR-2016-00450   Affiant went to court, the charges dropped Trudy REED CHASE impersonating a magistrate judge said she dropped them because the cop (YAZZI) did not show up .

5. On or about April 2016 Affiant’s friend Dave Van Cleave was helping affiant remove a man (squatter Bryant Hill ) off her land. Dave shot up in the air. Did not threaten or anything to Bryant. Dave spent months in jail were he got very sick almost died. Cops went to affiant’s home trying to trick affiant into saying Dave did assault Bryant with a deadly weapon. They threatened with charges of Assault aggravated with a deadly weapon.  . Dave was kidnapped , his truck and guns were taken by (unknown to affiant which cops first arrested Dave). Dave was kidnapped again by B. Valera badge # R660 San Juan County Deputy, accused of failure to appear in the court Dave  was trying to get in . Affiant is an eyewitness the courtroom where Dave was to be  was locked. At the clerk’s desk, Dave was asking about the court and Dave’s  case . Evidence and Zip file report were emailed to Cory the head of The Human Right Defenders with The United States of America 1781. Affiant went to the clerks asking for the Judges Karen Townsend Chief District Judge’s Oath and Bond and evidence of jurisdiction . Affiant wanted Oaths of office, Fiduciary or Recognizance bond and evidence of jurisdiction for all of them . Affiant also sent a letter with affiant’s request. Affiant received a letter from the Staff Attorney Esq.  Oath of Office on  Karen Townsend with  no seal no bond, instead staff attorney  sent a blanket insurance policy, no evidence or explanation for evidence of Jurisdiction missing. Of Course, they have none. Case # D-1116-CR 201600613        All details and exhibits evidence were emailed to Cory with The Human Right Defenders 1781 and Johnny Rowe Private Attorney Generals Across America .

6.  On or about April 7, 2017, Affiant traveling with friend Kerry Sills stopped for a roadblock out on a dirt road shortcut between Farmington and Bloomfield. B. HOBBS New Mexico STATE POLICY ENFORCER (San Juan County Sheriff )(respondent # 5 ) after being detained for over 30 minutes asked several personal questions like where affiant was going, respondent # 5 issued affiant a ticket for expired tags.                                                                                                                                                  A. April 21st, 2017 Affiant and two friends, witnesses Raoul Chavez and Kerry Sills went to the Magistrate Clerk and asked to see the Magistrate in Charge of affiant’s ticket # 16 790 6902327 3 STATE OF NEW MEXICO UNIFORM TRAFFIC CITATION. Affiant stated that affiant wanted to talk to the judge and take care of the ticket. Eileen Maus the Clerk ( respondent # 6 )was demanding affiant to Plea. Affiant did not. Affiant filed Letter of rebuttal Exhibit #   was forced to take a notice of Non-Jury Trial.                                 Affiant demanded a jury trial affiant asked to see the Magistrate’s Oath of Office, Fiduciary or Recognizance Bond and Evidence of Jurisdiction. Affiant stated that before affiant could make an informed plea affiant would need the items affiant requested. Respondent # 6 ignored affiant.                                                                                          B. Multiple documents were filed with the court and sent to BARRY D. SHARER (acting MAGISTRATE )showing case-law, evidence of fact etc. Some of these documents were burnt in affiant’s house lost to fire in between the dates of these courts. A few courtesy notices did survive.

C.  On  May 8th, 2017 Barry D Sharer ( impersonating Magistrate judge in Aztec New Mexico ) saw affiant in the court where affiant was forced to be. Affiant waited while other cases were being heard. People taking plea bargains and filling out paperwork Affiant and affiant’s friend waited over an hour.                                                     D. Barry D Sharer looked affiant right in the eye, got up and left the courtroom. Affiant waited while affiant’s friend ( Raoul Chavez ) went to the window.                       H . The clerks told Raoul that the case was being decided right then. A few minutes later maybe 15,                                                                                                                                               I.   San Juan County Sheriff Deputy B Valera badge # R660 came in kidnapped affiant  Valerra had no warrant, did not know the reason for arrest (kidnapping ) told affiant “you’ll find out when you get to the jail .”   Affiant spent the next two days in jail affiant was robbed $800.00 ,affiant’s dogs were made stay in affiant’s truck covered in mud  during that time .                                                                                                                          J.  Affiant moves the Clerk of The Human Rights Tribunal to find Human Right Violations and send to The Treasury for Amount that will compensate affiant for nefarious damages for years of having to endure the treacherous acts of the San Juan County Employees and Attorneys (public pretenders). Affiant asks for Justice and to be compensated with whatever amount  the Human Right  Tribunal or War Crime Tribunal  decides. All the Truth Nothing But The Truth So help me, Yahshua  in the Holy name of Yahshua ,  Jessene Roe Beecroft 1917253

Witness Darren Armenta image signature_tgolroce3s0wqguf6u (1)

Exhibits Available upon request.

NAC: 5ZK90 P3PG8 c/o 2844 E. Main St. , Ste 106-155 Farmington, New Mexico 87402 505-634-8027


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