Q-ANON~INTEL UPDATE 17 & 18th March 2018 ~ USMC Activated “Enjoy the show.” Public Will Know Soon..BOOM

Thank You !!!!!!!!

Mission Galactic Freedom

US Marine Corp Activated .. Let the Games Begin… Boom-Kaboom.. Go #Trump #MAGA #QAnon

~ Galactic Human ~

Nice. Q highlights how bad the corruption was/is and tells us the Marines have been activated. Yess

Q’s posts are helping bring truth to the rest of the USA McCabe is only the first to fall, but his problems have just started (he is the weak link) the domino’s will soon fall.I BELIEVE A GRAND JURY is ALL READY in place let them ALL HANG

Q AN0N: New Latest Posts – “Enjoy the show.”

Keystone is the center piece of a mason arch. I think the keystone is referring to the Temple of Baal. The next line on Q’s post refers to satan, which ties in the temple of Baal. There is my 2 cents worth.

Who knows where the bodies are burried? Trump told HRC during one of the debates…

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