Declaration of Privilege

It is hereby declared a privilege to use the name Jessene Roe Beecroft  or any variation thereof.

Notice to local, state, federal and United Nations created agencies

It is hereby declared that any and all agencies are not under a right to use JESSENE ROE BEECROFT within its records. 

It is hereby declared that any and all agencies must possess explicit written permission that must be signed by the owner and lienor to use the name JESSENE ROE BEECROFT  within its records.

Notice to all judiciaries and private membership associations

All privately owned judiciaries are not public Judicial Departments of a State and therefore are not with the right to use the name JESSENE ROE BEECROFT or any variation thereof. All judiciaries are created by Private membership associations and therefore its members are not Public Officers and therefore not with the right to use the name JESSENE ROE BEECROFT or any variation thereof. 

Notice of Certain Recognitions

The person, JESSENE ROE BEECROFT  recognizes valid warrants to settle issues, (definition stated below) however the person recognizes social compact created courts to satisfy the requirement of the term “peers” and security of person.

Notice of Privilege from the owner and lienor

Unless otherwise expressed in “Notice to local, state, federal and United Nations created agencies”, the use of the name JESSENE ROE BEECROFT  or any variation thereof as it pertains to this particular undersigned trustee, a FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS and no/100 dollars ($ 50,000,000.00) bill is hereby attached to said unauthorized claimed use and privilege of the name JESSENE ROE BEECROFT or any variation thereof under federal common law lien rules, procedures and well settled precedence. 

All other terms and conditions are written and published in a publication of record herein attached to this Public Notice.

Any and all violations of this Public and Private Notice will render privilege due and owing.


Notice of Contract

Publication Number: B8205D58-2530-485D-9CEA-72A21F3548C3

Is a contract by and between the lienor and owner of the property thus described within the contract? No State shall make any Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts.


The owner and lienor does not accept, acknowledge nor recognize private or public forced services in the name of government services and then subjected to draconian collection practices for said forced services. These practices are under the forced association human right restrictions and not authorized to implement.


Any unauthorized use of the name   Jessene Roe Beecroft and any other variation thereof will result in a tort  against the undersigned trustee by the unauthorized user of the name which will result in additional damage claims against the tort feasor. 

PUBLICATION OF RECORD : B8205D58-2530-485D-9CEA-72A21F3548C3                    

Arrest Warrant Definition

Definition of a Warrant and requirements

An arrest warrant is a document issued by a judge or magistrate that authorizes the police to take someone accused of a crime into custody.  An arrest warrant is issued by the competent authority upon a showing of probable cause, which means a warrant may be issued if a reasonable person would believe the information at hand is sufficient to suggest criminal activities. 


An arrest warrant is acquired in a court of law by presenting a judge with probable cause for arresting the suspect. If there is any pertinent evidence that can be presented to the judge when requesting an arrest warrant that will speed up the process, then it should be disclosed. That is why many officers or prosecutors make sure they have probable cause and at least two pieces of evidence to present to the judge before requesting an arrest warrant. Arrest warrants are most commonly required when a crime is committed out of view of a police officer. If a felony is committed in view of a police officer, then an arrest can be made without a warrant. All arrest warrants must be signed by a duly constituted judge and a seal of the place where the crime was allegedly committed. All warrants must be submitted under oath or affirmation as to the truth of the claim against the undersigned trustee. 


Any arrest made without a warrant will cause the




WRIT OF ATTACHMENT ON REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY claim to be filed immediately against the kidnapper.


                     –  Trustee      

Jessene Roe Beecroft -Trustee

                        Witness –Gabriel  Darren Armenta                                        Witness – Raoul Chavez

                                  NAC:608L2 P3J46                                                   Resident ID# 393300243313

                                    1-(505) 360 9053                                                                                                

Law of Nation’s

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