Are you Emancipated? A women went into a Federal territory without notifying customs of the package she was carrying. She was in that territory to Deliver (Deliver: v. To transfer ownership) the package in the Birthing suite (Birth/Berth: Relating to ships or vessels). Being a Vessel she (All vessels are a She) was required to report this package to the Dockmaster (Doctor) upon her water breaking, and this package passing through the “Birth/Berth canal”, the package and placenta are weighed and listed in ounces (oz: Measure of gold). The Placenta, which is 100% female DNA, is kept by the Federal territory. She reported this package by giving the needed Information (Information: Knowledge of a crime) for the creation of a Manifest (Manifest: v. To bring to light), commonly known as a Certificate of Live Birth. Upon arrival the mark/stamp (Footprint) of the package was placed on the Manifest as an identifier, and making the Federal territory its first place of landing. The Manifest was then Registered (Register: v. To transfer ownership) to the Federal territory and its franchise, the “State of…” She then left the Federal territory, leaving behind the Manifest, with no Declaration to customs of Delivery, or Proof of Parentage/Fatherhood. After which a Notification of this event (See: Vital Statistics) was published, awaiting a claim to this newly created Transmitting Utility. With no replies the state continues to administrate this package in Parens Patriae, providing both Benefits & Liabilities. via >>> Don’t you think it’s time to correct the record, and return to our first Estate? ~ bryan-glenn:Parker